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15 December 2010

Use Outlook as interface against Lotus Notes

During my work as consultant I often find myself in positions where I get a new mail from a customer during a project. Since I already have a couple of email addresses, at least one from my company and one private. I'm using Office Outlook to gather all these mail accounts in one place to avoid having to look through multiple places and get access to all my mails easy and fast.

With my latest customer I was required to get a Lotus Notes mail address and when looking over the web to find a method to use Outlook as interface with this mail too I started to think that this wasn't possbile without the use of DAMO (Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook) which is a program that IBM stands for that makes this possible.

I don't really fancy using an extra tool for making this possible and continues to look around and eventuelly I found a solution that is blatant obvious. All you need is to know that adress of your Domino server and your account information.

Add a new account and choose to create manually then select an internet mail account of type IMAP. Add the correct information with using your domino server as incomming and the correct server as outgoing. Your technicians should know what settings you need here.

After that leave all other settings as default and Voilá you can start using your outlook as interface against Lotus notes.


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